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rTorrent Color Schemes

This page lists color themes submitted by rTorrent users running one of the many color patches available.

1. Introduction

A colored ncurses interface improves the user experience a lot, especially when you shun the overhead and slowness of common web UIs. Consider this example:

  • Screenshot [click to enlarge]

The following sections contain settings for different kind of patches, of course they only work if you actually applied them. Please include a screen shot that ideally shows all the color combinations in a small screen estate, to keep the page readable — or use thumbnails.

2. rTorrent-PS

rTorrent-PS is a rTorrent distribution including an extensive color patch and other UI patches. You can use the following code on a terminal to dump a color scheme:

  • for i in $(rtxmlrpc system.listMethods | grep ui.color. | grep -v set); do
        echo $i.set = $(rtxmlrpc -r $i | tr "'" '"') ; 

If you want to replay such a scheme from the outside via rtxmlrpc, to try it out, use this:

  • rtxmlrpc import '' $PWD/color_scheme.rc

2.1. rT-PS: Official default (16 colors)

Screenshot [click to enlarge]


2.2. rT-PS: Official 256 color scheme in Gnome terminal

Screenshot [click to enlarge]


2.3. rT-PS: 8 color scheme for badly configured terminals

If you can't get past the your terminal only supports 8 colours error message on startup, then try this color scheme using only basic colors.


3. AUR rtorrent-mod and rtorrent-extended (karabaja4)


4. AUR rtorrent-extended (canvas color)