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PyroScope PyroScope is a collection of tools for the BitTorrent protocol and especially the rTorrent client.

http://a.fsdn.com/fm//screenshots/ad/4c/ad4c6bdb25a4d2042efda9f0412490b0_thumb.png http://freshmeat.net/screenshots/25/72/25723dd0adcb441608e8d261350a3482_thumb.png http://img.imgur.com/R6nzgs.jpg



  • API Documentation automation of common tasks, by controlling rTorrent via its XML-RPC interface.

  • conky and HTML (cgi-bin) status displays; a desktop screenlet for the same purpose is in development.

  • plugins to integrate rTorrent with FlexGet.

  • tools for creating, editing, and viewing metafiles (.torrent files).

  • a documented Python API, with which these tools are implemented.

  • filtering download items using simple but powerful conditions, and then...

    • print them to the console in user-defined formats,
    • add the selected items into their own rTorrent view for further inspection,
    • or take some action on them.
  • a rTorrent distribution with standard patches and custom (UI) patches applied.

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